BVHEL is divinely principled by 3 PreceptsRegenerative Living, Social Impact Reasoning and Cooperative Solutions, that more broadly govern 6 Pillars of Personal Culture, with aim at improving self, others, community, and ultimately, the world. 

Pillar 1 - The Divine Pillar of Momentum: The Inner Child, to progress more confidently in the world through a higher state of consciousness. 

Pillar 2 - TO KNOW THYSELF is The Pillar of Divine Birth, to be aware of your actions, behavior, and how they affect yourself, others, and community.  

Pillar 3 - The Divine Pillar of Prayerful Intent (based on the Divine Feminine Energy) is to engage with others more intuitively and fruitfully from an inner state of well-being.

Pillar 4 -The Divine Pillar of Social Impact - is a social responsibility to engage in practices that benefit all of creation.

Pillar 5The Divine Pillar of Awakening and Illumination, to not regress into former patterns of behavior that cause chaotic reasoning, or practices.

Pillar 6 - BEING DIFFERENT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE is to know your voice, to more innately bring change to the world as no one else can.

Within these 6 Pillars lie the breadth, length, depth and height of our existence, from which we interact in the world to wit, now is Fashion. Now is BVHEL