BVEHL believes that, changing our Planet is not a "fashionable lifestyle" movement, but rather, a change of heart in how we behave toward our planet daily. This is why promote Regenerative Living as a part of our very important R-3EB (TM) eco-responsible policy of commerce.

Put simply, R-3EB (TM) is or commitment to incorporating three principles of regenerative living practices: using natural state Raw (organic) materials, encouraging the use of products that can either be Recycledor that come from the same, and finally, Reimagining a world based on cooperative solutions that are guided by an inner sensibility of what's good for the Earth based on what the Earth itself is communicating to us in terms of her coherence. 

The Earth is a closed system, yet, we constantly look for ways in which to jailbreak the environment, for money, profit, power and privilege. These practices don't work, are ultimately rejected by the Earth, and cannot sustain long-term in how we live.  

Regenerative living creates environments where the Earth can naturally flourish, without the strain of harmful habits that act counter-intuitive to its own process of renewal. Therefore, what we offer as a company, in terms of product: from our supply chain to your front door, is met with responsible intent, meaning, we accept full responsibility for each phase of our process, ensuring that the materials we use, the people who work hard to manufacture it, all the way to the packaging we encase it in, that we made every effort to commit to respecting our ecology, workers, their rights, conditions of work environment and all else that routinely interacts within our business model.

R-3EB (TM) is simply our way of saying, "we love the Earth and everything in it; and we want to do our best to ensure it's protected in all that we do!"