BVEHL (TM) is Social Enterprise Company with ethical practices that work to better our planet through eco-conscious lifestyle choices. Put simply, it is important to us how something is made and the treatment of those making it, which is why we only partner with processes the efficacy of both. 

What you will find, what is guaranteed, is that what we sell, have manufactured, the hands that touch it, will always receive fair compensation, and the Earth preserved. In essence, we go the extra mile to ensure that people and the planet are treated with the utmost decency and respect, as BVEHL works only with accredited entities that certify the fullest of compliance to ethical standards, which is why we share this information so freely.

It's important to have BETTER WORK, BSCI or WRAP association, as well as products that meet an Organic standard. In cases where we are not able to produce Organics, rest assured, it will always be ethically sourced in terms of how something biodegrades and whether it negatively impacts health, the environment and quality of human life.

EVERYTHING is important to us; there's nothing that is NOT regarding Planet Earth. THIS is the motto we both live and exist by. You might even say, we embrace a generational code of conduct where what we do protects those of tomorrow, TODAY.

At BVEHL, we do what's important for tomorrow, today.