BVEHL has partnered with ECODRIVE(TM) to further our mission in helping to reduce the carbon footprint. We believe their choice of planting Mangroves is a sensible one, the most effective and economic method of offsetting carbon emissions. Studies show that Mangroves “sequester carbon at a rate two-four times greater than mature tropical forests” and contain “the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems.” Mangroves are also a key part of coastal ecosystems."

To support this effort we simply ask that you donate $.65 cents at checkout, which goes a long way in helping this cause. Please know that 100% of the money donated goes directly to ECODRIVE. And of course, your participation is optional: you don't need to do anything to opt out, but you do to opt in. 

Please visit ECODRIVE at for more information. 

We thank you for helping in the endeavor to sustain our planet by making better and more sensible choices. And we look forward to your contribution.